yorkshire postAt Floor Coverings International, we love bringing you unique perspectives from designers. Today, we have an interview with Hannah Nunn, lighting designer at Radiance Lighting.


Floor Coverings International: Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Hannah Nunn: I’m Hannah Nunn and I’m a designer of paper cut lighting and printed wallpapers. I live and work in Hebden Bridge in the north of England which is a quirky town in a steep sided valley surrounded by woodland and fields. Nature inspires my designs so you’ll often find me out and about with my camera. I work from my sunny studio but I also have a colourful, glowing shop called Radiance (www.radiancelighting.co.uk) on the main street where I sell my own work and lots of work by other artisan lighting designers.


FCI: What do you enjoy about blogging?
HN: I love taking pictures and I love telling stories so it is the perfect platform. I blog about my work, drawings, my artistic ideas and dreams, walks I’ve taken, travel adventures…or even just putting up new shelves in my kitchen. It’s always about wherever my inspiration is. I have been blogging for many years now and I have made good friends around the world through sharing my stories. I love it most when someone says that something I have written about has inspired them. That’s the best feeling.

FCI: How would you describe your design style?
HN: My design style is detailed and delicate but with an air of simplicity.


FCI: You work with designing lighting – how have you found that lighting can transform a room?
HN: My own lamps create an ambient cosy glow. I can’t sit comfortably of an evening with ‘the big light’ on but placing a few lamps in dark corners of the room creates the perfect cosiness to relax in.

FCI: There are a lot of photos on your blog. What do you enjoy about taking pictures and capturing scenes and moments?
HN: I guess it’s exactly that – capturing those moments and then being able to share them. When I’m writing a blog post I upload all the photos I may possibly use and then start writing, picking out the perfect photos to illustrate the story I want to tell. As well as creating something my readers will enjoy, it’s a wonderful diary for me to be able to look back on.


Hannah can be found online at www.radiancelighting.co.uk.