At Floor Coverings International of West Broward, we’re experts in every step of the flooring process. From selecting materials to project planning to installation, we house a staff full of professionals ready to make your dream home a reality. One of the most popular projects we tend to see in the Weston and Parkland areas is installing tile flooring. Due both to the natural beauty of ceramic and stone tile, as well as the improvements in luxury vinyl tile and engineered wood tile, tile flooring is incredibly hot in the West Broward area. In order to help you keep up on this design trend we’ve put together a guide to tile flooring, so that when the time comes for your next remodel you’ll be prepared to make the flooring choice that’s right for your home.

Some Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Perhaps the most popular tile flooring option is traditional ceramic tile, which is easy to understand when you consider the benefits of ceramic tile flooring. While not comfortable in the plushy, soft way that carpet often provides, ceramic tile flooring offers its own unique form of comfort. The smoothness and warmth of ceramic tiles can feel nice against sore, tired feet, and the added firmness can be great for certain types of people. Ceramic tile is also incredibly easy to maintain, as it is not susceptible to water damage, cracking, and permanent stains in the same way that hardwood and carpet flooring can be. Given the incredible variety of ceramic tile, not too mention the similar options in natural stone, and it’s easy to see why so many homeowners in the West Broward area are turning to ceramic tile flooring.

There’s More Than Just Ceramic These Days

For some out there, the look of ceramic tile is a dream come true. For others, there’s nothing that compares to the look of traditional hardwood. Lucky for us, there have been some amazing strives in the realm of luxury vinyl tile as well as incredibly realistic wood-look tiles. Luxury Vinyl Tile is similar in many ways to laminate flooring in that it utilizes 3-D printing to mimic the look of traditional tile without the added costs and maintenance concerns. Luxury Vinyl Tile, on top of being increasingly affordable, is very easy to install and remove, leaving homeowners with much more wiggle room than other flooring options.

The wood tile trend has been gaining momentum for several years, and now there are more styles and sizes to choose from than ever. First introduced as a modern take on hardwood floors, similar in many ways to engineered hardwood, wood-look tile offers the look of hardwood without any of the major concerns. Whereas hardwood flooring can have maintenance issues, as well as higher costs, wood tile allows a homeowner to get everything they love about hardwood flooring without any of the headache. Even better, wood-look tile can be mixed and matched to create a truly unique flooring option for your home. Given all of the progress wood tile has made over the past few years, it’s definitely an option you should be considering for your home.

At Floor Coverings International of West Broward, we offer only the best in hardwood, carpet, laminate, and tile flooring. If you’re in the market for a new tile floor, contact us today for your free in-home estimate!