At Floor Coverings International of West Broward and Plantation, we understand that every home has its own set of needs. If, for instance, you’re a large, busy family, you’ll need to consider flooring options that can live up to the inevitable wear and tear. Conversely, if you’re looking
for a flooring option for a vacation home, there are flooring options that may work better with the particular geography where you’re located. Here in West Broward, we often work with customers looking to install new flooring in their beach homes and vacation rentals, which has its own set of unique demands. We’ve put together a list of the best flooring options for a beach house in the hopes of starting you on the path to your dream vacation home!

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Here in Florida, ceramic tile flooring is a popular choice in many homes. Given the wonderful weather we experience most of the year, many
homeowners have found that ceramic tile flooring is great at keeping their homes cool during the warm weather. Ceramic tile flooring is perfect for beach homes in particular, as they are easy to clean and maintain. Whereas hardwood flooring may have trouble dealing with the inevitable sand that will get tracked into your beach house, ceramic tile flooring is well suited to deal with the detritus of the beach. Furthermore, ceramic tile is a great look for beach homes and really makes for a cool, relaxing environment. If you’re after for that classic beach house look, ceramic tile flooring is likely your best bet.

Laminate Flooring

As we mentioned above, hardwood flooring isn’t necessarily ideal for your beach home. Not only does it have trouble with scratching due to
sand and other debris, but hardwood flooring can also have trouble handling the moisture that is inevitable with a beach side property. If you’re committed to a hardwood look but don’t want to deal with the headache of maintenance, laminate flooring is likely the perfect option for you. Offering the terrific visuals of hardwood flooring with more durability, laminate flooring features a 3D image of natural hardwood placed on top of sturdier under material. Laminate flooring comes in many varieties, some of which are purposefully produced to handle moisture better than others. Although it is not exactly the same as the traditional hardwood flooring you may crave, laminate flooring can be perfect for beach homes.

Natural Stone Flooring

Like ceramic tile flooring, natural stone flooring is an obvious choice for your beachfront home. Natural stone flooring comes with all of the benefits of ceramic tile, such as ease of maintenance and ability to handle moisture well. Natural stone flooring has been used in beach homes for years now, and it is due to both its incredible durability as well as the fantastic look. Like ceramic tile flooring, natural stone flooring adds a cool touch of sophistication that suits the needs of a vacation home perfectly. And remember, if traditional natural stone flooring is slightly out of your budget, there’s always Luxury Vinyl Tile to consider as a suitable replacement.

At Floor Coverings International of West Broward and Plantation, we have everything you need to turn your beach side property into the home of your dreams. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate!